In this section we make available the programmes, preparatory reading materials and reports from each workshop.

Figure of a Buddha from northern IndiaWe stress that the readings are not intended to be exhaustive or authoritative recommended bibliographies for the study of the Global Middle Ages. Instead they are compiled from suggestions that network participants make in advance of each workshop. They are designed to shape and stimulate discussion. The views expressed in works on these lists are not necessarily those of network members; nor are they intended to present a clear-cut case. We try as far as possible to find readings from all areas of the globe for each of the themes we discuss.

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Historiography: Oxford, September 2012

Periodisation: Birmingham, January 2013

Networks: Newcastle, September 2013

Recording Cultures: Oxford, April 2014

Publication: Birmingham, September 2014

Outreach: Oxford, March 2015

IMC 2016

IMC 2017

Medieval Zomias: Stateless Spaces in the Global Middle Ages, Feb 2019