Publication: Birmingham, September 2014

Friday 19 September

Lunch available from 12.00

2.00 Introduction

2.15 Session One

Catherine and Naomi: book proposal/introductory chapter

Alan: pre-circulated response

4.00 Tea

4.30 Session Two

Mark: sources

[Caroline and Amanda unable to attend but chapter abstract Globalising Cosmographies pre-circulated]

Dinner 7pm

Saturday 20 September

9.00 Session Three:

Conrad (on behalf of Conrad and Stephanie):

resources Simon and Arietta: value

Anne and Ian: trust

10.45 Coffee

11.00 Session Four

John: politics

Jonathan: networks

Monica and Naomi: migration

12.45 Over lunch: final debrief including some final input from Alan, and preliminary discussion about future plans

Workshop to conclude by 2pm

This workshop was the fifth in our series. It differed from the other workshops in that it was explicitly dedicated to the detailed development of publication plans. Much work had been done over the course of the summer of 2014 by those network members with an interest in putting together chapters for a publication. A book proposal was drafted by the two project principal investigators in advance of the workshop. Other network members, working in groups of between one and three people, put together skeletons of potential chapters. The network had already decided that it wanted the majority of the chapters to be co-written by authors representing different parts of the medieval globe. It was this proposal and these chapter outlines which were discussed at the workshop. A timetable for publication was also established. Network members benefited greatly from the presence of several graduates, post-doctoral researchers and lecturing staff from the School of History and Cultures at the University of Birmingham. They formed an ideal audience and sounding board for our publication ideas: enthusiastic but also constructively critical!

Following this workshop our book proposal was accepted for publication as a Past and Present supplement (2018).